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How to register a Company in Tanzania-FAST

How to register a Company in Tanzania-FAST

Now registering your company has been made easy and simplified.  In fact;  now it will take only two days to five days to get your company fully registered in Tanzania. Only BRELA is responsible for company registration.

With share capital minimum of only 20,000Tsh (~ 9 USD) as your initial share capital to register your company. So actually you don’t need capital to register a company in Tanzania. Only registration fees (assuming you have at least 9 USD as your share capital)

Hare is Brela total registration fees (registration, filling and Stamp duty fees)

Brela total company registration costs


The company must be registered by at least a minimum of two persons/directors (required by 2002 companies act)

 (i) National Identification Number (NIN) from NIDA is required for all registrations service at BRELA

 (ii) Foreigners who want to register a company 

Must use particulars of their Passports issued by their respective Countries or National Identification Number (NIN) issued by the National Identification Authority (NIDA).

(iii) Tax Identification Number (TIN) issued by their Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) any TIN you have regardless is your business TIN or Non-Business (from your driving license) TIN. If you don’t have you can create your TIN fast via TRA online But you will need to have National Id (NIN) – HERE

(iv) Preparation of Memorandum and Article of Association Must be sealed /stamped and verified by Lawyer


In case you need these things as fast as possible without hustles; we do business consulting.  You can hire us to help you from Preparing Company Memart (Memorandum and Articles of association), Lawyer, and company registration (filling and submission) until you get your company. All these things can be accomplished fast and hustle free.

We also deal with Logo design, professional Business Company seals/stamps, Website, business email and Hosting, Business cards design and Printing, flayers & brochure design and printing. Also with have all in one Business management and Accounting software.

NB: We are not affiliated with Brela, and we are not Brela agents. what we only do is to help you through for Brela to register your company.

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Ibrahim Nzunda

Ibrahim Nzunda is Self-Employed Owner & CEO of Jimz Technologies Company LTD which he Co-Founded and registered in 2015-Tanzania. He Graduated in 2016 with B.Sc Agronomy at Sokoine University of Agriculture


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